Unistrut Seismic Bracing

OSHPD OPM-0295-13

Unistrut is a global leader in seismic bracing and we have supported the industry for decades. We have recently acquired an OPM pre-approval from OSHPD and you may find those pre-approved values and pages throughout this webpage. You may also find our older OPA products and approvals at the bottom.

This website is designed to be a simple, interactive tool to support your seismic bracing needs.

Why choose Unistrut seismic bracing?

  1. Versatility:  Use for pipe, conduit, tube, cable tray ductwork and more
  2. Ease-of-Use:  Simple and quick design process, reference the below links
  3. Convenience:  National distribution and Unistrut products are commonly already on the job-site
  4. Cost Savings:  Simple design process and superior products reduce costs in design, materials and installation


Seismic Products



     Brace Fittings



     Rod Stiffeners

     Pipe & Conduit

     Cable Tray



     Metal Deck

     Steel Beam

     Wood Beam

Pre-Approvals and Literature

Unistrut OPM - Cover 02

Seismic Bracing Systems (OPM-0295-13)

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