IP54 Trunking

Gasketed Trunking For External Use

  • All sizes shown in our single and multi compartment sections can be manufactured to prevent ingress of dust and liquids
  • The system is designed with an outward returned flange on the body with an overlapping lid, which is fitted with a neoprene gasket on both sides along its entire length. When installed the gasket is compressed between body and lid by screws which fix into captive bushes on the outward flanges
  • Designed and manufactured to meet IP54
  • A complete range of accessories, fully gasketed, is available

IP54 Trunking
1. Neoprene Gasket
2. Trunking Lid
3. Connector Strap
4. Internal Connector
5. Trunking Body
6. Neoprene Washer
IP54 Trunking detail