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Universal Hinge Mount

UGM10 is the ideal solution for suspending threaded rod vertically from an angled roof or ceiling

Cushioned Pipe Support C-Clamps

These C-Clamps absorb shock & vibration, reduce unwanted noise and prevent galvanic corrosion. C-Clamps are perfect for use alongside official Unistrut channel.

IP4X and IP54 Trunking

IPX4 is an IP code, or Ingress Protection Marking. This is a classification standard which rates the degree of protection against intrusion. The 4 means the system is protected against objects larger than 1mm.

TTT Triple Slotted Channel

Designed to serve as an even faster on-site solution, the triple slotted channel allows for quicker on-site configuration and assembly through the use of multiple fixing points along the length of channel. 

U11 Pre-Galvanised Ladder

The Unistrut U11 pre-galvanised ladder has a 110mm high side wall with an S-shape profile. The range is completed with a full range of accessories including bends, tees, crosses and risers.

Floor Systems

Flytec flush floor trunking body is supplied in 2 metre lengths complete with 2 x 1 metre lengths of lid secured by means of flush, all steel turnbuckle fasteners. Each length of trunking is supplied with one external fitting connector.