Atkore Unistrut can provide our channel curved to your specifications. Curved channel is commonly used for tunnel applications, or for mounting to curved roofs, ceilings or walls. Below is a summary of our capabilities and limitations, as well as a form to request a quote.

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General Specifications:

  • Channel Options:  P1000  (others may be available upon request)
  • Pierced Channel:  On request
  • Material and Finish Options:  Hot-Dipped Galvanised (HDG), Pre-Galvanized (PG), Stainless Steel (SS) & Unistrut Defender (DF)
  • Minimum Radius:  3 Meters  (to avoid damage to the channel and for trolley applications)
  • Useable Lengths:  Up to 17m arc length per channel
    • 20m channel will result in 17m of useable curved channel. For lengths greater than 17m, multiple curved sections are required. All curves must be field trimmed to achieve required arc length. Multiple sections must be field or shop welded for arc lengths exceeding 17m. 




1. Channel Section:
2. Arc:


3. Slot Direction:

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4. Radius (3' minimum):
5. Finish:
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6. Quantity:

Slot to the Side

Curved Channel - Slot to the Side - Image 1-01

Slot In

Curved Channel - Slot In - Image 1-01

Slot Out

Curved Channel - Slot Out - Image 1-01

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