Atkore Unistrut & Marco are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of cable containment solutions to the healthcare sector

Atkore Marco offers quality products and bespoke solutions to the UK’s health sector. The businesses Anti-Microbial products have been trusted to provide peace of mind on medical installations for over 10 years.


Pre Fabricated units are also a great solution for multiple specifications within the healthcare sector, these can include hospital wards to rooms in residential care homes.

Atkore Marco is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of cable containment solutions to the health sector.  Modern hospitals, walk-in centres and surgeries have embraced Atkore Marco’s ranges where the firm is able to deliver a one-stop solution

Atkore Marco has developed a uPVC trunking range specifically for this sector. The Elite Hygieia range offers a unique built-in antimicrobial protection.

Products Designed for Healthcare

Atkore Marco are proud to be able to offer such a diverse and adaptable product range, which are designed and manufactured with all users in mind, ensuring that strict specification guidelines are met, and delivering the best quality product possible.

All of Marco's products meet the latest British standards, including ISO 9001 and 14001.