Unistrut has listened to your feedback and developed this new slotted channel for 5/8” Threaded Rod.  WT Channel is the perfect solution for data centers, heavy-duty supports, grids and other heavy duty applications. Why spend more time and effort when you don’t have to? Work smarter, not harder.

Think about how you traditionally attach a 5/8” threaded rod to strut. What steps do you follow?

You drill:

  • at every attachment point
  • of every piece of strut
  • often in awkward places
  • and each step costs time and work interruptions

Men Drilling into Channel


Unistrut has an Easier Solution!

“WT” slotted strut eliminates drilling entirely for 5/8” threaded rod or fastener applications.


Drilling requires

  • Setup
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Errors & Scrap
  • Safety Hazards
  • Labor, Time, Costs
  • Wear and tear on your drill

Unistrut “WT” Features and Benefits

  • Sized for a 5/8” threaded rod or fastener
  • Available with any 1-5/8” strut profile
  • Available with all metallic materials and finishes
  • Allowable loads: Multiply catalog loads for strut by 85%


  • Add “WT” piercing suffix to the part number

Example: P1000WT 20PG

Channel Bottom View
Slotted Channel Gray

Slotted Channel Overview

We have slotted channel available for the most common sized threaded rod and fasteners.


3/8" Fasteners
Some Size Holes & Slots
SL Channel
1/2" Fasteners
Some Size Holes & Slots
T, HS, H3 Channel
5/8" Fasteners
11/16" Holes & Slots
WT Channel
To view our available WT slotted options, simply click on your desired channel in the channel section and find the WT option under the combinations and pierced channel section. Download the WT slotted channel flyer for a quick fact sheet.

Contact us for more information or find your local sales rep for ordering.