Atkore Marco continues to consolidate their position as a top supplier of cable containment to environmentally conscious projects with their latest product launch


In recent years, many organisations are increasing their effort to become more environmentally friendly and aim to reduce their ecological footprint as part of their mission.

This often reflects across all aspects of a business, including products purchased and existing or new suppliers.

Atkore Marco understands the demand for products that are sustainable, cost effective and time saving. To support this, Atkore Marco is proud to announce that the MCM Quik-Clik range is now available in Zinc Aluminium.

The Zinc Aluminium Quik-Clik range offers Atkore Marco’s renowned ZA Steel Wire Cable Tray paired with Geomet Quik-Clik couplers (MCFJC). MCFJC couplers can join two lengths of Steel Wire Cable Tray in seconds, saving the contractor time on site.

The Geomet coupler’s flexible design allows it to be removed and re-attached with ease, retaining its functionality even after trays have been cut-to-size.

Supplied pre-fixed as standard, the MCFJC range is also available as individual accessories as part of the Atkore Marco Fast-Fix range.

Atkore Marco’s MCM ZA Quik-Clik range is the perfect choice when specifying sustainable projects.

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