Atkore Unistrut & Marco incorporate their social responsibility by constructing a green team


Atkore Unistrut & Marco are delighted to announce a green team, a cross-functional group of employees who are actively engaged in advancing sustainability within the company. This team will be finding creative solutions to help the organisation operate in environmentally sustainable ways.

The green team is successfully looking at new sustainable procedures, which will be a cost saving for the business. For example, waste management, or office lighting that has been replaced by LED lightning and in 2020, the business installed EV charging stations for all electric vehicles and being ISO 14001 certified.

A huge part of the Atkore Unistrut & Marco emphasis is on the renewable market. As part of the customer facing offering assisting on renewable projects such as solar, battery storage and offshore wind. The contribution of the green team will assist these projects to ensure the business has the current sustainable solutions in place to support the customer and contractor offering.

Wayne Pearson, Managing Director Atkore Unistrut & Marco, comments: “This roundtable initiative will be a contribution to all things that need a creative solution and will be part of our renewables offering. The employees involved are actively engaged in advancing sustainability. The green team will become the strong foundation of the company’s environmental efforts.”

The team will provide stakeholders with an understanding of what the company can do to protect the natural world and be more socially responsible as a business.