Atkore Unistrut & Marco Launches Training Academy in West Bromwich

Atkore Academy

Atkore Unistrut & Marco is dedicated to talent development within the business, and now there is a proactive approach to retaining talent and ensuring the company has the best skill set in each department.

The West Bromwich Unistrut and Marco Training Academy consists of a Commercial Fast Track three-event program, an accredited training course with academic certification by the Institute of Sales Education. It covers various topics such as the six Steps of the sales cycle and sales commercial tactics.

Wayne Pearson, Managing Director, says the academy is fundamental to the talent development strategy and will offer high-level training to all staff at all levels within the business, from apprentices to senior leaders.

"Through our senior talent development, we ensure great leaders attract, hire, and inspire great people to progress towards achieving personal and business goals. With Sue Reed's support, we are stepping in the right direction, encouraging our staff to enhance their skill sets and learn new skills. We continue to strive to create a supportive work environment and promote the Atkore culture," said Wayne.

Nicola Jones, HR Manager, says the academy is the first within the business. They are excited about the value this will bring to Atkore.

"The Atkore Academy will help us develop and retain current employees and support attracting new talent to join Atkore," said Nicola.