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   w Supplied in medium, heavy and extra heavy duty sizes.
w Available in standard finishes of [PG] Pre- Galvanised, [HG] hot-dip galvanised and [SS] stainless steel, but also Specialist Finishes are available on request.
w Versatile system for heavy cabling
w Engineered to maximise long span runs where support installation is limited.
The Unistrut Cable Ladder Solution
Unistruts Cable ladder systems are renowned around the world for quality and engineering excellence. Wherever severe corrosion
conditions are present, or a long maintenance
free life is required, Unistrut’s welded steel cable ladder systems is the obvious choice. Unistrut manufactures a complete range of cable ladder systems for a wide range of load and span combinations to suit the requirements of almost any installation.
  w Cable ladders are selected because of their heavy load carrying capacities and the excellent performance they give in harsh environments where salt spray or salt laden atmosphere, and other mild corrosive materials are present. Applications such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, port facilities and anything else you can imagine!

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