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 Unistrut Couplers
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WC Coupler
SC Coupler
Cable Tray - Technical
Fish Plate - For Light Duty Cable Tray (Cut Ends)
   Straight lengths of Light duty cable tray come with a self splicing mechanism built in.
However for when you need to cut your tray (and thus remove the self splicing element) or if you are attaching one of our light tray fittings, we provide this easy to install fish plate for coupling.
TUM /WC Coupler & TUM /SC Straight Coupler
                                  For medium tray we recommend either the TUM/WC wrap coupler or TUM/SC straight coupler.
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                                 TUH/WC Coupler & TUH/SC Coupler
  For heavy tray we recommend either the TUH/WC wrap coupler or TUH/SC straight coupler.
WC Coupler SC Coupler
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          Cable Tray

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