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Loading Data
Unistrut Loading Data
      Light Duty Cable Tray
               0.75 L
0.5 L
L 0.4 L
      Load test according to CEI/IEC 61537:2001 Q = UDL (uniformly distributed load)
Safety Factor = 1.7
L = intermediate span
F = deflection = 1/100 of the intermediate span (max.) S = splice location
Unistrut’s load testing is in accordance with CEI/IEC 61537:2001. In practical terms this covers continuous/multi span installations, evenly loaded along the length of, and across the full width of the tray. The end spans in these installations should be reduced to 0.75 of the intermediate spans.
Deflection: Unistrut’s load and deflection figures are in accordance with CEI/IEC 61537:2001, with the characteristic deflection of Unistrut Cable Tray limited to span/100. and load figures inclusive of a safety factor of 1.7.
Accessories: To ensure adequate support, accessories should be supported locally.
Couplers: The loading and deflection tables for Unistrut Cable Tray assume that the couplers are located at the most onerous position within the span (i.e. mid span). To maintain the load/deflection figures stated in the tables, the couplers should not be located in end spans or over support locations. Straight couplers were utilized for the testing of the medium and heavy duty cable trays. Only one pair of couplers should be installed per span.
Medium Duty Cable Tray
    Heavy Duty Cable Tray
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