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Flexible Conduit Solutions
  Flexicon are manufacturers of flexible conduit solutions and are able to offer a comprehensive range of Flexible Conduit and Pliable Conduit systems for Cable Protection. The system is comprised of 60 metallic and non-metallic systems, designed for use in a number of environments including Rail, Transport, Renewables, Utilities, Petrochemical and the Food and Beverage sector.
   Metallic Conduit & Fittings
• High compression strength
• High pull off strength
• Wide temperature tolerances
• High impact strength
• EMC screening performance
• High IP rating, up to IP69
• Suitable for a range of applications, including heavy duty
• No risk of water or dust ingress
    Non-Metallic Conduit & Fittings
• Wide range of sizes
• Light weight
• Easy to cut
• High fatigue life
• Superior IP ratings, up to IP69
• Slit versions available
• Non corrosive
• Highly flexible
Flexicon utilise world-class technological know-how and continue to develop Flexible Conduit solutions, providing new products for some of the most demanding markets for Cable Protection.
With superior Technical supports we are the experts you can rely on for your Cable protection needs.
For more information on Flexicon’s products and services, visit or contact the team today
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