Page 161 - Unistrut Cable Management & Metal Framing
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 Rooftop Support Modules
Modular & Prefab
 Key Features
Each Uniframe module has complete installation flexibility, able to accept any length of Unistrut channel, and with adjustable height legs, Uniframe is the perfect solution for all types of rooftop support projects.
Adjustable Height
Uniframe's adjustable foot pedestal allows for unit height to be increased or decreased by over 100mm to suit on site applications.
300mm 405mm
           All in the box
Each component required to assemble a base or extension is supplied in the box, ready to install with all required accessories and components.
  Channel you can trust
  All products in the Uniframe range are assembled using Unistrut channel and supporting products, ensuring the highest quality throughout.
HD Beams
These allow load to be distributed evenly by being placed accurately, such as over existing obstacles. Each unit has adjustable height and comes complete with beam clamps. +44 (0) 121 580 6300 161

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