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 Technical Capabilities & Engineering Support
Working with clients to ensure each module is supplied in line with project timetables
Unistrut are able to offer a series of technical and engineering support services for all modular products.
Product delivery is key, and important to the construction of Unistrut modules. Unistrut is committed to delivering a complete service when it comes to designing and delivering modular framing systems. Unistrut are able to support the client throughout the entire design phase.
From initial enquiry Unistrut are able to offer a tailored service to meet all the customers’ needs and requirements. With support and advice given through each step of the service to ensure the correct solutions are delivered first time.
Our service includes:
1. Consultation, by sitting down with the client and having an initial requirement discussion, Unistrut can begin looking at drawings and advise on what requirements need to be met for the project, and what can be met by Unistrut.
2. Specification, Once specification is given, Unistrut will look at the engineering and design requirements through detailed drawings sent from the client, from this an accurate bill of materials to provide costs for producing each module can be generated.
3. Drawing Delivery & Design Freeze, Unistrut will deliver drawings and get Client approval on modular units ready to go into manufacture. Here the final decision and order is placed for the units, with customer accepting design responsibility.
4. Project Delivery & Schedule, Modules are put into manufacture in-line with clients delivery schedule, to ensure each unit required for each phase of construction is delivered on time.
5. Manufacture, Unistrut will begin manufacture of each module, ensuring quality checks are performed at each key stage. Client is updated with progress on their modules and continuous communication from the engineering & sales teams.
6. Delivery, Upon completion, Unistrut will deliver completed modules to site, ready to install as per agreed schedule.
Consultation Specification Design Manufacture Support +44 (0) 121 580 6300
Modular & Prefab
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