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Modular & Prefab
Fully populated modules with mechanical and electrical services installed.
Unistrut are also able to populate our 2D and 3D modules with a number of services from our range of electrical raceway products.
This includes our cable ladder, cable tray, cable trunking and Marco wire basket tray.
These products are all installed in the modules before shipping and secured in place using a range of Unistrut fittings and accessories.
Unistrut’s ability to offer fully serviced M&E modules allows us to take on a wider variety of projects, giving our modular framing systems a wider application reach.
Quality assurance is integral to the manufacture of each module, with each being thoroughly checked prior to delivery, ensuring each unit is fully compliant with relevant standards and specifications.
Populated Module Components
Unistrut Cable Ladder
Medium Duty Heavy Duty Extra Heavy Duty
Populated Modules
Unistrut Channel
TOhreigOinarilg&inbale&stBest Multiple fFininisishheess BoltorwWeeldldaAssseemmbblylies
Cable Tray
Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Steel Wire Cable Tray
30mm dDepth 55mm dDepth 106mm dDepth

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