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 3D Modules
Modular & Prefab
 Unpopulated 3D modules, designed as extensions of the 2D model, manufactured to house a wide range of electrical and mechanical services
Unistrut 3D modules are designed to house a complex series of electrical and mechanical infrastructure.
Unistrut's modular service ensures each unit is manufactured to the customers' specific requirements, and clear guidance and technical support, as well as regular updates provided throughout the manufacturing process.
Bolted or Welded Assemblies
Unistrut 3D modules can be delivered as bolted or welded units. Bolted units give the client the flexibility to alter units to suit on-site requirements, whilst welded units provide a stronger, more rigid base to house services.
Scope of work
Unistrut are able to manufacture a wide scope of 3D modules, whether the client requires a one-off design solution, or hundreds of modules. No project is the same, and Unistrut are able to offer a wide variety of flexible solutions to suit the clients’ needs.
    Ready to install
Unistrut 3D modules are assembled in-house at our specialist facility and delivered to site, complete and ready to install.
Flexible design service
Unistrut offer a complete design assistance service, ensuring each module is drawn and signed off before manufacture.
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