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2D Modules
 2D Modules to support multiple services supplying mechanical and electrical services
Similar to our H-Frames, Unistrut 2D modules are designed, manufactured and delivered to site ready to install. Utilised in housing a large amount of containment and infrastructure, including ventilation and air conditioning units, Unistrut's 2D modules can be installed vertically and horizontally.
Vertical units can be utilised to carry service risers through high-rise builds. 2D modules are also available as bolted or welded units.
Delivered complete
Each 2D module is delivered complete, ready to install and ready to house a wide variety of services.
Quality Manufacturing
Unistrut’s 2D modules are manufactured to Unistrut’s strict quality requirements, with each module tested to meet the load specification from the client.
Unistrut's 2D modules are designed to carry a wide range of mechanical and electrical services and support pipework, also known as 'skids'.
Bolted or Welded Assembly
Unistrut's 2D modules are available as bolted or welded units, allowing for enhanced rigidity, or design flexibility as required.
Our 2D modules are designed to carry service risers throughout high-rise builds.
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