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Multi-Service support for mechanical, electrical and ventilation
Fully Specified
Each threaded rod unit can be supplied to the clients specific requirements, ensuring that every job is met with accurate and ready
to install modules. Specific dimensions on the size of channel used and the diameter of the threaded rod can be specified to Unistrut upon enquiry.
Multiple Tiers
Each unit can be supplied as a single, or multi-tiered set, to allow for changing of configurations on-site.
Best Practice
Each trapeze frame is manufactured to Unistrut’s best practice, which includes our square plate and flat washers. Unistrut ensure each unit is manufactured to comply with all applicable standards.
Application Specific
Each trapeze unit is designed to specific customer requirements, with application driven load calculations done beforehand to ensure each unit can support all on-site requirements.
Multi-Service brackets manufactured from Unistrut, available as welded or bolted systems
Unistrut’s H-Frames can be supplied in two system configurations to allow for flexibility when ordering the product.
H-Frames are available as follows:
Bolted System
Unistrut's bolted system is supplied with all accessories pre-installed to the unit using nut and bolt configurations. This solution is ideal for projects where the installer may need to make small adjustments based on site requirements.
Welded System
Unistrut’s welded H-frames are designed for rigidity and sustained product life. Each welded unit is supplied complete and cannot be adjusted to
suit on-site requirements, as all design requirements are signed off before manufacture.
Trapeze Frames
           Modular & Prefab
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