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I.T. Centres

Unistrut supplies vast quantities of metal framing systems to advanced modern sites such as large I.T. data centres. These sites are usually fast track and require a reliable supply chain.

Unistrut supply channel frameworks and technical evaluation to these types of site, maximising channel selection. Typical installations include trapeze hangers to support the large amount of Mechanical and Electrical services.

Heavily congested switch room installations containing 4 and 5 Core cables require major loading capability from the framework system. P1001 can be used to build a framework to provide a multi position support during the installation of these inflexible cables. By laying the cables on a P1001 frame work, their immense weight is supported while their route to the switch panels is unravelled prior to cutting to length and terminating. This is an example of the versatility and strength of Unistrut channel used in such applications.

Restricted space available in corridors requires the use of multi layer Suspended pendant hangers. By fixing them directly to the structural steel, they form a strong vertical component for the hanging channel frameworks and save a valuable amount of space.

Other installations can include using Unistrut channel to fix vertical pipes to large columns. Channel used with threaded rod creates a clamp with channel on each face of the column to provide a fixing for pipes etc...

Prefabricated frameworks can be supplied and built to customer’s specific design requirements then delivered to site via a distributor. This saved congestion of labour on sites and reduced noise and pollution emissions. Off site preparations can help improve Health and Safety levels and contributed to successful schedules.